English-German dictionary

Start using the English-German dictionary by typing a word in either English or German into the search field above. Our autofill solution will show you correct spellings of words in our database. By clicking on 'translate' you start the search for our dictionary entries. You do not have to switch to our German English dictionary to find translations for German words. Just type the German word with Ä, Ö, Ü and ß or replace the special characters with AE, OE, UE and SS and the online dictionary will perform a bidirectional search for your word.

English-German dictionary by letter

The alphabetical index will help you to find the German translation of any English word in our English-German dictionary. Click a letter in the alphabet below to see a list of English words. Choose the word you are looking for to see its German translations in our English-German dictionary.


Our dictionaries

For your convenience we have listed both directions for each dictionary. Yet you can use either version of each dictionary to find translations for both languages. All of our dictionaries are true bilingual and bidirectional.

Building the English-German dictionary

A dictionary is never finished. The meaning of words change in both English and German over time. New words are created and need to be added to the dictionary. We will update our English German dictionary from time to time.

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The German-English dictionary is based on translations by TU Chemnitz.